Lost Heaven Multiplayer development has been discontinued!
As you may already know, the project has shown no activity past months.
But we also have a good news for you.
Scroll down for more details!


Due to lack of work caused by technical difficulties and lack of time, we are officially discontinuing development. Thank you for all those moments, testing and strong nerves you had! Since we care about our players, we've decided to launch final build of Lost Heaven Multiplayer and provide content until Mafia Multiplayer comes out. So be sure to catch your files and play with your friends right now! Please note, that we can provide only limited support with LH:MP.

LH:MP Client Files

Windows 32 bit client binaries.


LH:MP Server Files

Windows 32 bit server binaries.


C++ Redistributables

If you have problems with launching our browser or client. Install this redistributable package.


Mafia 1.0 Downgrade

If you get error "You are running undetected game version", apply this patch. It will downgrade your mafia version to 1.0