Assassin’s Creed Origins: 1H of gameplay

Assassin’s Creed, since its creation this license has made us visit different eras all the different despite the few moments of lingering on the time of Ezio. Since its creation I dream of an episode AAA on Egypt and / or Japan, so I welcomed Origins with open arms, add to that the good idea to leave time for this license so important in the video game, but still losing momentum for me.

So here we are with a long-awaited time, Egypt country with history so rich, its Pharaohs, its Pyramids, its Cleopatra, its Hieroglyphs, but also its mysteries, in short there is really something to do and it is not not the first hours of play that will have overcome my enthusiasm.I was worried about this version of Fat One seen as the communication had focused only on the One X and PS4 Pro versions, but the game is really beautiful on Xbox One so I’m looking forward to this little Xbox One X to take a full face.

In terms of gameplay, the beginnings are confusing with a choice of destabilizing combat keys, small trigger right for normal shots and large trigger right for big shots, X (Square) for the dodge and hangs with the small trigger left but it is finally done quickly after two or three fights, even if I still make some false roads. For the rest, it’s classic y (Triangle) for the silent elimination, A (cross) to jump etc, the small novelty being that there is more sprint key A + Grande Gachette Bayek setting to run with the left joystick pushed to the bottom.

All this to tell you that I’m happy to be in Egypt, happy to find Assassin’s Creed more mysterious with a universe that lends itself to dreams and exploration. It looks great and I look forward to more. 

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