eSport: With FIFA eWorld Cup, there will be only one FIFA World Cup

The FIFA Interactive World Cup, the virtual world cup on FIFAfootball simulation , is changing its skin this season. Now called FIFA eWorld Cup, it will be the only circuit leading to a world crown on the latest version of EA Sports .

New season, new players, new playing field. The FIWC is dead, long live the FIFA eWorld Cup! This is now the way to call the virtual world Cup on football simulation developed and edited by EA Sports , a World Cup that has not only new-look than the name elsewhere.

This FIFA eWorld Cup , which will of course take place on FIFA 18 , will also have its own qualifying circuit, which will start on 3 November and end in July, with the Grand Final to be held as the previous one in August (still in London?) and will bring together the 32 best players on the planet.

Virtual Club World Cup much more uplifted

The qualification circuit, called FIFA 18 Global Series , will take place in several stages. First, through the FUT Champions Cup, two tournaments that will bring together the 128 best players (64 on PS4, 64 on Xbox One) from the rankings of the FUT Champions Weekend league. The first will take place in January, the second, whose qualifications will begin in February, will take place in April. Each time, the 8 best players on each console will qualify for the playoffs, which will be held next June.

The Virtual World Club will also be there. Renamed FIFA eClub World Cup, it will oppose many more professional clubs than in the first edition (32 against 24) and will send four other players in the playoffs.

The last places (still undisclosed) will be awarded by the Licensed Championships, such as Orange eLigue 1 , returning from November and partner tournaments with EA Sports.

In total, 64 players will take part in each of the two playoff sessions. On arrival, this final brew will allow the 32 survivors of this long season to compete for the title of world champion. And a cashprize still unknown. You now know what you have to do …

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